Victims’ Legal Counsel (VLC)

The Navy Victims’ Legal Counsel Program provides survivors of a sexual offense or domestic violence with a dedicated attorney to help victims understand the investigation and military justice process, guard their legal rights and interests and obtain additional support in accessing resources that may assist in their recovery. This attorney is provided to Navy service members and other eligible victims of sexual offenses at Navy expense.


Victims’ Legal Counsel complement the care and support victims already receive through Sexual Assault Response Coordinators (SARCs), Victim Advocates (VAs), and Family Advocacy Program (FAP) personnel by providing legal counsel and advice on sexual offense reporting options as well as legal support during the investigation and disciplinary processing of those reports.

Navy victims of a sexual offense will have an opportunity to discuss their concerns with someone who represents only their interests so that they are prepared to participate more comfortably and effectively in the investigation and processing of their cases.

Navy Victims’ Legal Counsel are assigned regionally to maximize the availability of counsel where needed most. Contact the counsel closest to you using the menu below.

Office Locations

Connecticut – Groton

Naval Submarine Base New London
83 Greyling Ave, Room 165
Comm: 860-694-2334

District of Columbia

Washington Navy Yard
Building 101, Second Floor, Rm 226
Comm: 202-433-0478

Maryland - Bethesda

Building 11, Office 112
Comm: 202-870-8873

Maryland - Naval Academy

U.S. Naval Academy
Dahlgren Hall, Second Deck
Comm: 410-293-1561

Virginia - Norfolk/Hampton Roads

Naval Station Norfolk
1221 Bellinger Blvd, Bldg U-111
Comm: 757-445-6575

Illinois – Great Lakes

Naval Station Great Lakes
Building 3 (Chapel), Room 229
Comm: 224-213-4040

Florida – Jacksonville

Naval Air Station Jacksonville
Box 136, Building #554
Jacksonville, FL 32212-5000
Comm: 904-580-0700
Comm: 904-271-5127

Florida - Mayport

Naval Station Mayport
Building 1, Rm 301
Comm: 904-580-0700
Comm: 904-271-5127

Florida - Pensacola

Naval Air Station Pensacola
151 Ellyson Avenue, Bldg 625
Comm: 904-580-0700

Texas – San Antonio

Joint Base San Antonio - Fort Sam Houston
SAPR Office, Building 902
San Antonio, TX 78234
Comm: 904-580-0700

California – Lemoore

Naval Air Station Lemoore
966 Franklin Avenue, Bldg 966
Comm: 559-998-0137

California – Point Loma

Naval Base Point Loma
Bldg 211 & 212
Comm: 619-433-5285

California - San Diego

Naval Base San Diego
3005 Corbina Alley, Bldg 259
Comm: 619-540-6239
DSN 526

California – Ventura

Naval Base Ventura County, Pt Hueneme
1000 23rd Avenue, Bldg 1169
Comm: 619-587-0979

Washington - Bremerton

Naval Base Bremerton
120 S Dewey St., Bldg 491, B-14
Bremerton, WA 98337
Comm: 202-993-6027

Washington - Everett

Naval Station Everett
2000 W Marine View Dr., Rm 122C
Everett, WA 98201
Comm: 202-993-6027
DSN 727

Washington - Kitsap Bangor

Naval Station Kitsap Bangor
1099 Tautog Circle
Silverdale, WA 98315
Comm: 202-993-6027
DSN 744

Washington - Whidbey Island

Naval Air Station Whidbey Island
3675 W Lexington St, Bldg 2556
Oak Harbor, WA 98278
Comm: 202-993-6027


Naval Support Activity Bahrain
Building 24
DSN: 318-439-9798

Italy - Naples

Naval Support Activity Naples
Building 2072B, First Floor, W67, Support Site

Italy - Sigonella

Naval Air Station Sigonella
Fleet and Family Support Center NAS 1, Building 319
Comm:  011-39-095-56-4651
DSN: 314-624-4651

Spain - Rota

Naval Station Rota
Building 3293
+34 (956) 821-711
DSN: 314-727-1711

Hawaii - Pearl Harbor-Hickam

Military Fleet and Family Support Center
4827 Bougainville Dr, Rm. 263
Honolulu, HI 96818
Comm: 808-471-2429
808-471-2430 (Officer-In-Charge)
(DSN) 315-471-2429


Fleet and Family Support Center, BLDG 310
PSC 476 Box 62
FPO, AP, Japan 96322
Comm: +81-956-50-3121
(DSN) 315-252-3121

Japan - Sasebo/Iwakuni/Misawa

Please contact the Guam/Korea VLC office

Japan - Yokosuka

Community Readiness Center, Building 3365, Rm 330
PSC 473 Box 1345
FPO, AP 96349
Comm: +81-468-16-9324
(DSN) 315-243-9324

Deputy Chief

Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling
20 MacDill Blvd, Suite 349
Comm: 202-961-1230