Navy Civilians

Are You Ready for an Extraordinary Experience?

We work alongside uniformed attorneys and paralegals. We are based throughout the world and support the practice of law for our Navy and our nation. We are the civilians of the U.S. Navy JAG Corps.

The JAG Corps' mission is critical to the success of military operations. JAG Corps civilians perform a wide variety of legal and non-legal roles to ensure the Navy's legal mission is accomplished. As we operate in increasingly complex legal and regulatory environments, the Navy is always in need of new talent to join its ranks and bring expertise and innovative thinking.

Practice Areas

The U.S. Navy is unique among the services in its ability to project in all domains: on land, at sea, and in the air. As a civilian within the JAG Corps, you have an opportunity to support a very diverse legal practice. Some of the specific areas of our practice include:

  • Military Justice (prosecution, defense, victims' legal counsel, judiciary, and appellate)
  • Legal Assistance (personal legal services and advice to military members and their families)
  • International and Operational Law (law of the sea and armed conflict, international agreements, and foreign criminal jurisdiction)
  • Administrative Law (government ethics, regulations, and legislation)
  • Environmental Law (laws protecting human health, the environment, and historic and cultural resources)
  • Civil Litigation (cases incident to the operation of the Navy in conjunction with the Department of Justice)
  • Admiralty and Maritime Law (admiralty tort and salvage claims, and international and domestic maritime issues)
  • Information Operations and Intelligence Law (national security and cyberspace matters)