Legal Assistance


Code 16 is dedicated to supporting the Judge Advocate General's and Commander Naval Legal Service Command's execution of their responsibilities to promote individual and unit readiness through personal legal assistance services to active-duty and Reserve personnel and their families, retirees, and other clients as authorized by statute or military regulation.


Code 16 Legal Assistance Division attorneys work at the policy level to improve and standardize the delivery of legal assistance to service members across the fleet. Some practice areas include:

  • Assist the Judge Advocate General to formulate, promulgate and review legal assistance policy and initiatives.
  • Support Region Legal Assistance Office field attorneys and staff who work directly with members to provide legal services.
  • Review proposed Federal legislation affecting legal assistance for Sailors.
  • Serve as the Judge Advocate General’s legal assistance representative to other Services, government agencies, legal organizations and the private bar.
  • Assist the Naval Justice School with the development of legal assistance training for judge advocates and legalmen; Serve as adjunct faculty for several legal assistance-related courses.
  • Coordinate preventive law activities to educate the naval community about personal legal rights and responsibilities.
  • Represent the Navy on the Armed Forces Tax Council, serve as the JAG representative to the Department of Defense (DoD) Tax Policy and Advisory Group, and manage the Navy's tax assistance (VITA) program.