Assistant Judge Advocate General, Civil Law (Code 01)


The Assistant Judge Advocates General (AJAG) is assigned functional areas of responsibility. In order of precedence established by the Judge Advocate General (JAG,) when neither the JAG nor the Deputy Judge Advocate General (DJAG) is able to perform the duties of the JAG, the senior most AJAG will perform the duties of the JAG.  In addition to other duties assigned, each AJAG supervises the Deputy Assistant Judge Advocates General (DAJAGs) and staff within his area of responsibility. AJAG supervisory authority includes preparing and signing fitness reports for the assigned DAJAGs.


The Assistant Judge Advocate General (Civil Law) / (General Law) has primary supervisory responsibility for administrative law matters involving the Department of the Navy (DoN); air, sea, space and environmental law; government ethics; military personnel law; the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act programs, including FOIA and Privacy Act appeals under the cognizance of the JAG; domestic and international laws and regulations; special programs involving matters of espionage and as well as primary responsibility for admiralty, civil affairs, investigations, general litigation, claims and legal assistance matters. Assigned additional duty as Commanding Officer, Naval Civil Law Support Activity.