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The purpose of the PME program is to expedite and enhance the professional development of first tour judge advocates. PME is designed to provide an introductory overview of the U.S. Navy and the Navy JAG Corps’ mission, history, culture, traditions, governance, organization, capabilities, and key legal topics.


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JAG Manual Investigations Handbook

This handbook is designed to assist commanding officers and investigating officers with the administrative investigation process. There is no substitute for a working knowledge of Chapter II of the JAGMAN; this handbook is not designed to replace reference to, and study of, the source document. Rather, this publication gives you a simplified "nuts and bolts" summary to initially orient your approach to the investigative process.

USN/USMC Commander’s Quick Reference Legal Handbook (QUICKMAN)

This guide provides procedural information to assist commander's with legal matters within their command. While this guide serves as a useful tool to spot and develop solutions for legal issues, it is not a substitute for the informed advice of a judge advocate. This reference, like all reference material, is meant as a guide and is not, by itself, authoritative legal or regulatory information. Statutes and service regulations always supersede contradictory guidance that may be contained in this reference. Under all circumstances, commanders ‐ whether utilizing this guide or not ‐ are strongly urged to contact a judge advocate to seek personal guidance in handling all legal issues that may arise in execution of command responsibilities.

In 2016, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 was signed into law, which included the Military Justice Act of 2016 (MJA16). The MJA16 is a top-to-bottom set of reforms to the military's criminal justice system and is supplemented with additional changes from Executive Order 13825, which contained further modifications to the Manual for Courts-Martial. The Quickman has been updated accordingly and is provided above. The specific pages of the Quickman which are affected by MJA16 are also available here.

Military Justice Act of 2016 (Smart Pack Training Materials)

The Smart Pack is a packet of Military Justice Act of 2016 training and reference materials designed for the staff judge advocate or command services attorney to deliver as training for a Convening Authority, and is intended to provide initial training on the changes to the military criminal justice system as required by statute.

Naval Law Review

Naval Law Review Cover

Published by the Naval Justice School (NJS), the Naval Law Review encourages frank discussion of relevant legislative, administrative and judicial developments in military and related fields of law. Views expressed in published articles must be considered solely those of individual authors and do not purport to voice the views of NJS, the Judge Advocate General, the Department of the Navy, or any other Agency or Department of the United States. The Naval Law Review is published from appropriated funds by authority of the Judge Advocate General, in accordance with Navy Publications and Printing Regulations P-35.

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  21. July 2009 Army Lawyer (Special Joint Edition)
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  23. July 2007 Army Lawyer (Special Joint Edition)

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Title Author Last Author First Volume
Dusty Gallows: The Execution Of Private Bennett And The Modern Capital Court-Martial Reyes USN LCDR Stephen MJLR
Use Of Hearsay In Military Commissions Gaston III, USN LCDR Arthur MJLR
Does It Add Up? Analyzing The Use Of Extrapolation Calculations To Determine The Ability To Consent In Alcohol-Related Sexual Assault Cases Belsky, USN CDR Thomas MJLR
Article 83 Marooned: Jurisdiction In The Aftermath of United States V. Kuemmerle Korn, USN
Dziengowski, USN
LCDR Brian
LT David
Stop The Madness! It's Time To Simplify Courtmartial Post-Trial Processing Grogan, USN CAPT David MJLR
7 Deadly Scenarios: A Military Futurist Explores War In The 21st Century Dohn II, USA Maj John 61
Freedom of Navigation, Environmental Protection, and Compulsory Pilotage In Straits Used For International Navigation Womble, USN LCDR Jeanine 61
Does Africom Need Additional Fiscal Authorities To Accomplish Its Mission Set? The Fiscal Implications Of Africom's Interagency Construct Smart, USA Maj Maxwell 61
The Emergency Alternative Arrangement Exception To The National Environmental Policy Act: What Constitutes An Emergency? Should The Navy Pin Its Hopes On Noah Webster? Larrea, USN CDR Margaret 61
Let's Talk About Ethics Kelly, USN LCDR Kimberly 61
At What Cost? America UNCLOS Allergy In The Time of "Lawfare" De Tolve, USN CDR Robert 61
The Shipboard Pandora's Box: The Operational Reality That An Expectation of Privacy exist in Electronic Communications Aboard Naval Vessels Francis, USMC Lt Col Leon James 60
The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism DiRocco, USA Maj Scott 60
Controlling the Use of Force in Cyberspace: The Application of the Law of Armed Conflict During a Time of Fundamental Change in the Nature of Warfare Huntley, JAGC, USN CDR Todd 60
United States Environmental Law Applied in the Arctic Ocean: Frustrating the Balance of the Law of the Sea, National Sovereignty, and International Collaboration Efforts Malik, JAGC, USN LCDR Joan 60
Federal Court or Military Commission: The Legal Dilemma Posed by Those Charged with Terrorist Violence Francis, USMC Lt Col Leon James 60
Retiring a "Polluting" Fleet: The Unique Legal Challenges and Environmental Hurdles to Suisun Bay Non-Retention Vessel Disposal Anderson, USMC LT Ryan 60
Toward a New Beginning with the International Criminal Court Snellen, JAGC, USN LT Jeremy 60
When RUF Gets Rough It Looks Like R2P: Comparing Micro-Level Rules for Use of Force in Post-Conflict Countries Challenged by Ethnic, Tribal, and Cultural Violence to Macro-Level Concepts of Humanitarian Intervention and Responsibility to Protect Perdue, JAGC, USN LCDR Scotch 60
Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century Rodrigues, USA Major Robert 60
Bullets for Beans: Humanitarian Intervention and the Responsibility to Protect in Natural Disasters Jackson, JAGC, USN LCDR Tahmika Ruth 59
You Don't Have to Go Home but You Can't Stay Here: Recent Environmental Violations Lead to Wearing Out Our Welcome in Japan Province Adam G. 59
The Special Needs Trust and the Military Client: The Critical Issue-Spotting Role of the Legal Assistance Attorney Renz, USMC Maj Michael R. 59
For the "Round and Top of Sovereignty": Boarding Foreign Vessels at Sea on Terror-Related Intelligence Tips Brown, JAGC, USN LT Thomas M. 59
Axes of Power: Predicting the Reception of Assertions of Presidential War Powers in the Courts Bahar, JAGC, USN LT Michael 58
The Need for Sentencing Reform in Military Courts-martial Kisor Colin 58
No Port in a Storm - A Review of Recent History and Legal Concepts Resulting in the Extinction of Ports of Refuge Whitehead, JAGC, USN LT Lena E. 58
Resolving Tomorrow's Conflicts Today: How New Developments Within the U.N. Security Council Can Be Used to Combat Cyberwarfare Friesen Toby 58
Betraying Our Troops: The Destructive Results of Privatizing War Merritt, USMC Maj Thomas B. 58
Kingmakers: The Making of the Modern Middle East Smith, USA Maj Sondra M. 58
Time to Stand Up and Be Counted: The Need for the United Nations to Control International Terrorism Tackaberry, USA Maj Karin G. SJE
The Influence of International Law on the Military Commissions Act 2006: The Glass Half Full of Half Empty Youngner (USAF), Keane (Ryl Austral. AF), McKendrick (RAF)   SJE
Special Operations Commando Raids and Enemy Hors de Combat Bart, USN CDR Gregory Raymond SJE
Developing the Rule of Law in Afghanistan: The Need for a New Strategic Paradigm Tasikas, USCG LT Vasilios SJE
Tactical Level PSYOP and MILDEC Information Operations: How to Smartly and Lawfully Prime the Battlefield Kastenberg, USAF Maj Joshua E. SJE
The Detention and Prosecution of Insurgents and Other Non-Traditional Combatants—A Look at the Task Force 134 Process and the Future of Detainee Prosecutions Annexstad, USAF Maj W. James SJE
Engaging Civilian-Belligerents Leads to Self-Defense/Protocol I Marriage Janin, USN CDR Albert S. SJE
Moving the Law of Occupation into the Twenty-First Century Parsons, USMC Maj Breven C. 57
One Small Step for a Submersible, One Giant Land Grab for Russian-Kind: An Evaluation of Russia's Claim to the North Pole Under International Law Warner, USCG LCDR J. Trent 57
New Model for Disaster Relief: A Solution to the Posse Comitatus Conundrum Steigelman, USN LT Timothy E. 57
Mitigating Collateral Damage to the Natural Environment in Naval Warfare: An Examination of the Israeli Naval Blockade of 2006 Tucker, JAGC, USN LT Matthew L. 57
Willful and Outrageous Acts of Personal Abuse - Now OK for the CIA? Hennessy, USMC Maj William T. 57
Planning for the "Strategic Case": A Proposal to Align the Handling of Marine Corps War Crimes Prosecurations with Counterinsurgency Doctrine Hackel, USMC Maj John M. 57
Remote Testimony and Executive Order 13430: A Missed Opportunity Hudspeth, USMC Maj Nicole K 57
Responding to Transnational Terrorism Under the Jus Ad Bellum: A Normative Framework Schmitt Michael N. 56
A Comfortable SOFA: The Need for an Equitable Foreign Criminal Jurisdiction Agreement with Iraq Wexler, JAGC, USN Lieutenant Commander Ian S. 56
Mayfield, FISA, and the Fourth Amendment Rush, JAGC, USN LCDR Trevor 56
Uncharted Waters: The Expansion of State Regulator Authority Over Federal Activities and Migratory Resources Under the Coastal Zone Management Act Romero, JAGC, USN LCDR Joseph 56
The Continued Health Care Benefit Program: The Department of Defense's Guarantee of Lifetime Health Care to All Former Military Spouses Pyle, JAGC, USN LTJG Jessica Lynn 56
Out of Sight Out of Mind? A Case for Long Range Identification and Tracking of Vessels on the High Seas Krajewski, USCG LCDR Jason M. 56
The Use of Force in Hostage Rescue Missions Eldred, JAGC, USN LCDR Joseph J. 56
Ensuring Fair Winds and Following Seas: A Proposal for a Sino-American Incident at Sea Agreement Hughes, JAGC, USN ENS Michael 56
Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq Bottoms, JA, USA Maj Jennifer B. 56
Red Rogue: The Persistent Challenge of North Korea Keane, USMC Maj Stephen F. 56
The Unconstitutional Prosecution of the Taliban Under the Military Commissions Act Ahmad, JAGC, USN CDR Syed N. 55
The Continuing Fallout from Crawford: Implications for Military Justice Practitioners Gonzalez, JAGC, USN LCDR David M. 55
Building the Global Maritime Security Network: A Multinational Legal Structure to Combat Transnational Threats Peppetti, JAGC, USN LCDR Jon D. 55
Interdiction on the High Seas: The Role and Authority of a Master in Boarding and Searching of His Ship by Foreign Warships Wilson, JAGC, USN CDR David G. 55
The Military Commissions Act of 2006: An Unnecesary Scheme for Second-Class Justice or an Essential Means to Prosecute Persons Who Would Otherwise Escape Accountability Madison, III Benjamin V. 55
The Neglected Debate Over Sexual Assault Policy in the Department of Defense Lofland, JAGC, USN LT Keith B. 55
Federal Court Developments in Military Personnel Law: Protecting Service Members Wickham John A. 55
Lightning but no Thunder: The Need for Clarity in Military Courts regarding the Definition of Mental retardation in Capital Cases and for procedures in implementing Atkins v. Virgnina Hudson (USN), Fralick (USN), and Sautter (USMC)   55
Defined by the Law of the Sea: "High Seas" in the Marine Mammal Protection Act and the Engangered Species Act Gibel, JAGC, USN LCDR Keith S. 54
A Primer on the Nonproliferation Regime for Maritime Security Operations Forces Allen Craig H. 54
The Vietnam War in Perspective: Lessons Learned in the Law of War as Applied in Subsequent Conflict Terry, USMC (Ret.) Col James P. 54
Reflections on Murder in War Fogarty Edward F. 54
Who's in Charge Here? - Internation Criminal Court Complementarity and the Commanders' Role in Courts-Martial Dickerson Allen J. 54
Convening Authority Clemency: Is It Really an Accused's Best Chance of Relief? Marinello, JAGC, USN LT Michael J. 54
Department of Defense's Sexual Assault Policy: Recommendations for a More Comprehensive and Uniform Policy Vallandingham, JAGC, USN LCDR Ann M. 54
"Hiding Amongst a Crowd" and the Illegality of Deceptive Lighting Morris Matthew G. 54
Kill an Unborn Child - Go to Jail: The Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 and Military Justice Falvey, Jr. Joseph L. 53
The War within the War: Notice Issues for Veteran Reemployment DePremio Heather 53
Murky Waters: The Legal Status of Unmanned Undersea Vehicles Henderson, JAGC, USN CDR Andrew H. 53
Moscow's Corruption of the Law of Armed Conflict: Important Lessons for the 21st Century Terry, USMC (Ret.) Col James P. 53
Self-Defense in the Maritime Environment Under the New Standing Rules of Engagement/Standing Rules for the Use of Force (SROE/SRUF) Henseler, JAGC, USN CDR Sean P. 53
U.S.–Japan SOFA: A Necessary Document Worth Preserving Stone, JAGC, USN LCDR Timothy D. 53
The Evolution of Universal Jurisdiction over War Crimes Benoit, JAGC, USN LCDR James Paul 53
Public Prayer in the Navy: Does it Run Afoul of the Establishment Clause Obert, USN LT Steven R. 53
Gulag: A History Henderson, JAGC, USN CDR Andrew H. 53
Making the Accused Pay for His Crime: A Proposal to Add Restitution as an Authorized Punishment Under Rule for Courts-Martial 1003(b) Jones, USMC LtCol David M. 52
The United States National Security Strategy: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Dalton Jane Gilliland 52
Confronting Nomadic Terrorism Sinor (USN Ret.) and Blackwood (USN Ret.)   52
From Gitmo With Love: Redefining Habeas Corpus Jurisdiction in the Wake of the Enemy Combatant Cases of 2004 Malachowski Mitchell B. 52
Don't Tread on Me: Absence of Jurisdiction by the International Criminal Court Over the U.S. and Other Non-Signatory States Stephens, JAGC, USN LT Jon 52
The Re-Emergence of Nuclear Weapons as "The Coin of the Realm" and the Return of Nuclear Brinkmanship in South Asia: The Nuclear Sword of Damocles Still Hangs by a Thread Brew, JAGC, USN CMDR Kevin M. 52
The Constitutional Right to Marry… Fundamental Right or Facade? A Review of the Constitutionality of Military Restrictions on the Right to Marry…And Even if They Could…Whether They Should Montalvo, USMC Capt Eric S. 52
Military Jurisdiction Over Civilian Contractors: A Historical Overview Melson, JAGC, USN LTJG David A. 52
Torture: A Collection Edited by Sanford Levinson 2004 Oxford University Press, Inc., New York, NY Fichter, JAGC, USNR CDR Thomas F. 52
Of War and Punishment: "Time of War" in Military Jurisprudence and a Call for Congress to Define its Meaning Romero, JAGC, USN LCDR Joseph 51
Consequences of a Court-Martial Conviction for United States Service Members who are not United States Citizens Belliss, USMC Maj Richard D. 51
The Information Quality Act: An Environmental Primer Tideswell, JAGC, USN CDR Tammy P. 51
Defining the Parameters of Cyberwar Operations: Looking for Law in All the Wrong Places? Antolin-Jenkins, JAGC, USN CDR Vida M. 51
Navigating the Confrontation Clause Waters After Crawford v. Washington; Where Have We Gone and Where are We Going? O’Neil, JAGC, USN LCDR Kevin R. 51
Navy Chaplains at the Crossroads: Navigating the Intersection of Free Speech, Free Exercise, Establishment, and Equal Protection Wildhack III, CHC, USNR CDR William A. 51
An Assessment of the Authority for Australia to Use Force Under United Nations Security Council Resolutions Concerning Iraq McLaughlin, RAN CDR Rob 51
Constitutinoal Aspects of Foreign Affairs: How the War on Terror has Changed the Intelligence Gathering Paradigm Gonzalez, MBA, JD, LLM Jason A. 51
International Law and the Use of Force: Cases and Materials Sarnoski, JAGC, USNR Captain Stephen R. 51
Prisoners of War in the 21st Century: Issues in Modern Warfare Noone, Flemming, Morean, Danner, Fluhr, Shapiro, Hodgkinson, Cook, Ross   50
National Archives & Record Administration v. Favish: Protecting Against the Prying Eye, the Disbelievers, and the Curious Romero, JAGC, USN LCDR Joseph 50
Drug Use Cases in the Military: The Problems of Using Scientific Circumstantial Evidence to Meet the Burden of Proof Yim, JAGC, USNR LT Anthony 50
United States v. Redlinski: Providency Inquiry Revisited Galvin, USMC CPT Joseph E. 50
Where is the Lone Ranger When We Need Him? America's Search for a Post-conflict Stability Force: By Robert M. Perito Shapiro, JAGC, USNR LCDR Jonathan I. 50
Beyond Arm Bands and Arms Banned: Chaplains, Armed Conflict, and the Law Odom, JAGC, USN LT Jonathan G. 49
Military Commissions: A Legal and Appropriate Means of Trying Suspected Terrorists? Heard (Esq), Monahan (USN), Ryan (Esq), Wilkins (Esq)   49
The Domestic Implications of Environmental Stewardship at Overseas Installations: A Look at Domestic Questions Raised by the United States' Overseas Environmental Policies Landis, JAGC, USN LT James E. 49
Chaplains Caught in the Middle: The Military's "Absolute" Penitent-Clergy Privilege Meets State "Mandatory" Child Abuse Reporting Laws Cooper, JAGC, USN LT Shane D. 49
Eco-Justice and the Military in Indian Country: The Synergy between Environmental Justice and the Federal Trust Doctrine Dunaway, JAGC, USN LCDR William J. 49
Is Jihad a Just War? War, Peace, and Human Rights under Islamic and Public International Law by Hilmi M. Zawati Noone, JAGC, USNR LCDR Gregory P. 49
Military Brats and Other Global Nomads: Growing up in Organizational Families Edited by Morten G. Ender Noone Dr. Diana C. 49
Searching for Privacy in All the Wrong Places: Using Government Computers to Surf Online Conrad, JAGC, USN LCDR R. A. 48
Innocent Packets? Applying Navigational Regimes from the Law of the Sea Convention by Analogy to the Realm of Cyberspace Barney, JAGC, USN LCDR Steven M. 48
Too Much of a Good Thing? Federal Supremacy & the Devolution of Regulatory Power: The Case of the Coastal Zone Management Act Gibbons, JAGC, USN Lieutenant Patrick J. 48
A Call for a Definition of Method of Warfare in Relation to the Chemical Weapons Convention Harper, USMC Maj Ernest 48
Who's Defending the Defenders?: Rebuilding the Financial Protections of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act Kisor, JAGC, USNR LT Colin A. 48
Loss of Numbers [Until 1999, when President Clinton abolished it, "loss of numbers" was a permissible court-martial sentence in the sea services….] Fidell, Eugene R. and Fidell, Jay M.   48
How to Prevent Genocide: A Guide for Policymakers, Scholars, and the Concerned Citizen: by John G. Heidenrich, Praeger Publishers, Westport, Ct, Usa, 2001 Noone, JAGC LCDR Gregory P. 48
Campbell and Its Progeny: The Death of the Urinalysis Case Berger, JAGC, USN and Deaton, USMC   47
Environmental Diplomacy: Analyzing Why the U.S. Navy Still Falls Short Overseas Carlson, JAGC, USN CDR Margaret M. 47
Missiles Over Kosovo: Emergence, Lex Lata, of a Customary Norm Requiring the Use of Precision Munitions in Urban Areas Belt, JAGC, USN LCDR Stuart Walters 47
The History and Evolution of the Law of War Prior to World War II Noone, JAGC, USN LCDR Gregory P. 47
All the Laws But One: Civil Liberties in Wartime: by William H. Rehnquist Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1998 Bracknell, USMC Capt Robert G. 47
Peacekeeping in Africa: Capabilities and Culpabilities: by Eric G. Berman and Katie E. Sams 2000 United Nations Publication Noone, JAGC LCDR Gregory P. 47
An Examination of Parental Discipline as a Defense of Justification: It's Time for a Kinder, Gentler Approach Young, JAGC, USN LCDR Kimberlie 46
Weighing the Scales of Discipline: A Perspective on the Naval Commanding Officer's Prosecutorial Discretion Perdue LT W.G. "Scotch" 46
An Introduction to the International Criminal Court Noone, JAGC, USN and Moore   46
The International Maritime Organization's New Mandatory Ship Reporting System for the Northern Right Whale's Critical Habitat: A Legitimate Approach to Strengthening the Engangered Species Act? Luster, JAGC, USN LCDR Jeffrey P. 46
Responding to Attacks on Critical Computer Infrastructure: What Targets? What Rules of Engagement? Terry, USMC (Ret) Col James P. 46
Cleaning Up What Abandoned Facilities Leave Behind: Long Term Removal Actions Under OPA '90 Lloyd, USCG LCDR Karen E. 46
Pursuing Military Justice: Volume 2 of the History of the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, 1951-1980, Jonathan Lurie Crisfield Jr., JAGC, USN LCDR James R. 46
A Primer on the Employment of Non-Lethal Weapons Duncan LtCol James C. 45
Legal Aspects of Information Warfare: Military Disruption of Telecommunications Scott CDR Roger D. 45
The Coastal Fishing Vessel Exemption From Capture and Targeting: An Example and Analysis of the Origin and Evolution of Customary International Law McClain Maj Ronald S. 45
Rules of Engagement and the Concept of Unit Self Defense Stephens LCDR Dale 45
Life and Human Dignity, The Birthright of All Human Beings: An Analysis of the Iraqi Genocide of the Kurds and Effective Enforcement of Human Rights Knowles LCDRCatherine S. 45
Rethinking International Self-Defense: The United Nations' Emerging Role Clemmons (USN) and Brown (USMC)   45
International Law Regarding Pro-Democratic Intervention: A Study of the Dominican Republic and Haiti Lecce Maj D.J. 45
The Defense Institute for International Legal Studies Munroe Walter W. 45
"Neither Confirm nor Deny" At Sea Still Alive and Consistent With International Law Van de Velde James R. 45
Remarks of Mr. Vladimir V. Grachev Senior Officer (Political Affairs) Executive Office of the Secretary-General United Nations 24 April 1998; At the Graduation Ceremony for Class 98020 - Legal Considerations for Military and Peacekeeping Operations; Address to the Naval Justice School; "United Nations Peacepeeping in Transition", Introduction by RADM Donald J. Guter, Judge Advocate General's Corps, United States Navy, Commander, Naval Legal Service Command and Deputy Judge Advocate General of the Navy     45
Naval Law: Justice and Procedure in the Sea Services. by Lieutenant Commander Brent G. Filbert, JAGC, USN and Lieutenant Commander Alan G. Kaufman, JAGC, USN Dutton, JAGC, USN LCDR Peter A. 45
Beyond the Law of the Sea: New Directions for U.S. Oceans Policy. By George V. Galdorisi and Kevin R. Vienna Blazewick, JAGC, USN LCDR Robert B. 45
The Emerging Norm of Humanitarian Intervention And Presidential Decision Directive 25 Ware Glenn T. 44
The UCMJ and the New Jointness: A Proposal to Strengthen the Military Justice Authority of Joint Task Force Commanders Berrigan, USA Maj Michael J. 44
Counter-Guerrilla Operations: Does the Law of War Proscribe Success? Brown, JAGC, USN LCDR Kenneth B. 44
The Military's DNA Registry: An Analysis of Current Law and a Proposal for Safeguards Gill Sarah 44
Sexual Harassment in the United States Navy: A New Pair of Glasses Heimark Kristin K. 44
The Privatization of a Military Installation: A Misapplication of the Base Closure and Realignment Act Render Edwin R. 44
Shirking Important Service That Isn't: Desertion Under United States v. Gonzalez Lietzau, USMC Maj William K. 44
Missile Inbound: The Attack on the Stark in the Persian Gulf by Jeffrey L. Levinson & Randy L. Edwards Marley, USMC Capt John P. 44
Son Thang: An American War Crime by Gary D. Solis Marley, USMC Capt John P. 44
Ubi Sumus? Quo Vadimus?: Charting the Course of Maritime Interception Operations Zeigler, JAGC, USN LCDR Richard 43
Overhauling the Vessel Exception Sullivan Maj Dwight H. 43
Spousal Battering as Aggravated Assault: A Proposal to Modify the UCMJ Dutton, JAGC, USN LCDR Peter A. 43
eveling the Playing Field for Federal Prosecutors or an End Around Ethics? An Evaluation of the Thornburgh Memorandum and the Reno Rule Zanfardino Richard M. 43
Whither Goldwater-Nichols? [This article examines defense reform in the last part of the twentieth century. Particularly, it discusses the Goldwater-Nichols Department of Defense Reorganization Act of 1986 1 (Goldwater-Nichols) and its significant impact on the entire Department of Defense.] Murphy, Peter M. and Koenig, William M.   43
Failing the Article 31 UCMJ Test; The Role of the Navy Inspector General in the Investigation of the Naval Academy Cheating Scandal Filbert, JAGC, USN LT Brent G. 42
Federal Acquisition Law in an Era of Declining Defense Spending: Defining the Government's Interest in Defense Contractor Property King Brett W. 42
Rules of Engagement in Somalia: Were They Effective? Lorenz, USMC Col F. M. 42
A Legal review of U.S. Military Involvement in Peacekeeping and Peace Enforcement Operations Terry, USMC Col James P. 42
The Use of Force Against Third Party Neutrals to Enforce Economic Sanctions Against a Belligerent Wynkoop, JAGC, USN LT Todd A. 42
The Gulf of Aqaba and the Strait of Tiran: The Practice of "Freedom of Navication" After the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty Fink, JAGC, USN LCDR Jonathan E. 42
Self Incrimination: It Now Takes a Law Degree to Know How to Properly Invoke One's Right to Counsel Lang, JAGC, USN LCDR Scott M. 42
Responsibility and Authority of the Secretary of the Navy for the Oversight of Intelligence Activities Under the Operational Control of a Joint Forces Commander Short Francis R. 42
Direct Training and Military-to-Military Contact Programs: The CINCS' Peacetime Enablers Kasper, Jr., JAGC, USNR CPT Robert J. 42
High Seas: The Naval Passage to an Unchargered World by Admiral William A. Owens Terry, USMC Col James P. 42

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