Department of the Navy Disability Evaluation System Counsel Program

Injured servicemembers who need time to recover can be placed in a "limited duty" status by their medical provider. If the condition does not improve after twelve months, the provider must place a referral to a medical evaluation board.

Servicemembers have the right to consult with an attorney. Our disability attorneys can assist servicemembers throughout the integrated disability evaluation system (IDES)/medical evaluation board (MEB) process. Specifically, we can provide the following services:

  • IDES/MEB process explanation
  • Case assessment and document review
  • Requests for medical treatment/documentation
  • Non-Medical Assessment (NMA) review
  • Assistance with rebuttal statements, personal statements, and requests for clarification
  • Impartial Medical Review (IMR) requests
  • VA reconsideration petitions
  • Formal Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) hearing preparation and coordination with detailed Formal PEB attorney
  • Coordination with other agencies/organizations to secure benefits
  • Outreach to area personnel and commands regarding IDES/MEB matters

  • Servicemembers should consult with a disability attorney before making any decision or signing any document.


    Temporary Disability Retired List (TDRL) and those scheduled for a formal board in Washington D.C., should call 202-685-7180 or email.

    All others should contact their closest disability attorney using the field below.

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    Watch this short video to learn more about the process and the assistance we provide.

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    Additional Resources

    Navy Wounded Warrior – Safe Harbor: Non-medical care while servicemembers recover from serious illness or injury. Navy Wounded Warrior – Safe Harbor videos are located here.

    USMC Wounded Warrior Regiment: Non-medical care to wounded, ill, and injured Marines, sailors attached to Marine units, and their family members.

    Secretary of the Navy, Physical Evaluation Board (PEB): Fact-finding board that evaluates all Department of the Navy cases of physical disability.

    Combat-Related Special Compensation Board: A benefit allowing certain career retirees to receive both retirement pay and payments for combat-related disabilities.

    Defense Finance and Accounting Service: Wounded Warrior Pay Management teams make sure pay and other entitlements don't become things that to worry about.

    Social Security Benefits available to Veterans: Social Security administration provides an expedited process for military service members who become disabled while on active duty on or after October 1, 2001.