Military Personnel (Code 61)


Establishment and execution of JAG Corps legal community manpower and personnel policy and programs. Responsibilities extend from building force structure in out years through execution of policies and programs for officer and enlisted personnel day to day to recruiting and diversity policy matters.


The Military Personnel Division:

  • Manages the JAG Corps officer community
  • Coordinates with Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS) and the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations on all personnel issues affecting judge advocates and limited duty officer (Law) personnel
  • Develops accession, promotion and officer strength plans
  • Executes policy and strategy for the recruitment of highly qualified professional candidates for a possible commission as a Navy judge advocate
  • Coordinates JAG Corps attendance at national recruiting and diversity legal events
  • Creates annual recruiting plan for JAG Corps-wide law school recruitment. For more information about a career as a Navy lawyer or as an enlisted paralegal, visit Careers
  • Secures funding from within Navy to support recruiting initiatives;
  • Advises Navy leadership on all aspects of JAG Corps military manpower resources, including budget processes
  • Initiates changes and adds to the organization’s military manpower authorizations
  • Manages the Judge Advocate General Personnel System (JAGPERS)
  • Determines and develops membership and recorder requirements of JAG Corps and LDO (Law) selection and administrative boards

Contact Military Personnel

Mailing Address:
Military Personnel (Code 61)
1322 Patterson Ave., Suite 3000
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5066
Phone Numbers:
Comm: (202) 685-5187
DSN: 325-5187
Fax:(202) 685-5489
0730 – 1630
Monday – Friday