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Code 18's practice and responsibilities reflect the rapidly growing and evolving role of cyber, information operations and intelligence in Navy and military operations. The Cyber, Information Operations and Intelligence Law Division provides legal services and support regarding each discipline to the Navy Judge Advocate General, and judge advocates working in the fleet, at joint commands and across the range of military operations. The division also focuses on preparing Navy judge advocates for practicing cyber, information operations, and intelligence law, as well as developing practice opportunities for Navy judge advocates.


  • Cyber Law: Code 18 provides advice and support covering the wide range of legal issues that impact cyberspace operations, from review, application and interpretation of national-level policy and authority to the application of international law, specifically the laws of armed conflict. As cyber law issues cross the spectrum of national security legal practice, the division works with legal counsel for the Joint Staff and the Department of Defense General Counsel's office, as well as coordinating with OJAG's Operational and Intelligence Law Division (Code 10). The Division is in the process of creating a "Cyber Law Reference Guide" for use by Navy judge advocates.

  • Intelligence Law: The division provides legal advice to the JAG and DJAG on intelligence operations that concern the use of sensitive information and addresses legal issues relating to special access programs and intelligence oversight. The Division consults and supports legal advisers for the DCNO for Information Dominance (OPNAV N2/6) and the Commander, Fleet Cyber Command / Commander, TENTH Fleet. The Division also works with other agencies, particularly the Director of National Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, and the Departments of Justice, State, Interior, Energy, and Homeland Security regarding intelligence law matters. The Division created and maintains the Navy's soon-to-be published "Intelligence Law Reference Guide."

  • Information Operations: With the expansion of Information Operations from five core capabilities (one of which was previously cyber) to a broader spectrum of capabilities, including strategic communications, civil-military operations and intelligence, legal support to such operations has also greatly expanded. In addition to the Division's traditional focus on military information support operations and military deception, the Division provides advice and support to operational judge advocates on the application of U.S. domestic law and policy to these activities. Along with Naval Justice School, Code 18 is responsible for the "Information Operations Legal Training" course.

  • Relationship with Navy Office of General Counsel: Code 18 cooperates with OGC on legal matters relating to Navy intelligence activities, special access programs and sensitive and special activities.

  • Community Management: Code 18 develops and provides training, education, and career opportunities for Navy judge advocates.
Koh Sept 2012 speech on I-Law in Cyberspace

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