Administrative Law (Code 13)


The Administrative Law Division is a component of the Naval Civil Law Support Activity and reports to JAG via the Commanding Officer, Naval Civil Law Support Activity (AJAG Civil Law). The division advises Washington activities and field commands on law, policies, statutes and regulations pertaining to Department of Navy (DoN) administration.


Personnel Law Branch (Code 131)

Code 131 is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and legal sufficiency of every document related to the officer promotion process throughout the active-duty and reserve Navy and Marine Corps. This includes promotion selection board convening orders, precepts, board records, nominations to the United States Senate, and myriad other documents requiring Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV), Secretary of Defense (SECDEF), or President of the United States (POTUS) signature. In total, Code 131 processes approximately 600 personnel packages per year. Code 131 also provides legal opinions on a wide range of issues involving personnel law, such as draft executive orders and inter-service regulations.

The Standards of Conduct and Government Ethics Branch (Code 132)

Code 132 provides numerous verbal and written opinions to headquarters and field attorneys on diverse subjects, including gift acceptance; outside employment; political activities; post-government employment restrictions; support to non-federal entities; travel; use of government property, personnel, and assets; and use of military seals, logos and insignia. Code 132 trains ethics counselors and judge advocates by developing and teaching several standards of conduct programs and preparing several informational “Ethics-grams” focused on current issues in the standards of conduct arena, including gifts to federal agencies and gifts from foreign governments. SECNAV assigned Code 132 the mission of aligning the Navy General Counsel Ethics program and the JAG Ethics program. In furtherance of SECNAV’s assignment, to date Code 132 has created a joint Ethics Counselor Certification program certifying all accession JAGs as Ethics Counselors and established a joint Web site allowing the public, all Navy personnel and members of the Navy legal community different levels of access. The branch manages the Public Financial Disclosure System for all 340 Navy flag officers and the Confidential Financial Disclosure System for 13 personnel assigned to the headquarters organization. Branch attorneys respond to approximately 1,500 field calls annually.

Legislation, Regulations, Freedom of Information Act / Privacy Act (FOIA / PA), and Disability Law Branch (Code 133)

Code 133 coordinates OJAG review and comment on a myriad of legislative items and DoD and DoN regulations, directives and instructions. Acting as the OJAG FOIA / PA Coordinator, the branch reviews, forwards and/or responds to FOIA / PA requests and provides guidance and advice to commands on the release of information to the media and other requestors on numerous cases. The branch also processes disability appeals and combat-related disability certifications. Additionally, Branch 133 is responsible for reviewing and coordinating all DoN submissions for the Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations.

Command Authority and Investigations Branch (Code 134)

Code 134 manages the JAG’s professional responsibility program. The branch also reviews both “complaints of wrong” filed against superiors (under Article 138 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and Article 1150 of the U.S. Navy Regulations) and final appeals of formal complaints of unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment. Code 134 briefs these complaints to the Deputy Assistant Judge Advocate General (Administrative Law) and the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Military Personnel Policy) for final action. In addition, the branch reviews and provides comment on legislative and regulatory items that affect military members’ rights and benefits, and provides advisory opinions to the Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR). Finally, Code 134 provides headquarters-level legal offices with timely and relevant statutory and regulatory analysis on approximately 150 legal issues. Subject areas include:

  • DoN organization and command authority
  • Delegation of authority
  • Transformation issues
  • Right to privacy
  • U.S. Constitution First Amendment
  • Diversity initiatives
  • Posse Comitatus
  • Nonjudicial punishment authority
  • Navy Reserve issues

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