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We provide the highest quality legal representation to military service members as efficiently as possible, consistent with our ethical obligation to represent our clients zealously. We represent service members at Administrative Separation Boards, Boards of Inquiry and Courts-Martial, in addition to providing advice to service members on defense-related topics such as nonjudicial punishment.

Contact Us First

If you need the assistance of a defense attorney, please contact us for more information. Be prepared to provide an email and/or phone number where you can be reached for scheduling an appointment or to set up an initial consultation.

You will also need to complete a Request for Services.

Legal Services Provided

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before selecting from the topics below.  Click on the topic for more information.

If you need assistance with any of these issues, download the Request for Services and contact us.

Military Justice - Defense

Administrative Separations
Article 31b Rights
Article 32 Investigations
Attorney-Client Relationship
Convening Authorities
Complaints of Wrongs
Non-Judicial Punishment (NJP)/Office Hours
Post-Trial Matters (Appeals, Clemency)
Right to Counsel
Types of Court-Martial
Military Justice Terms

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information about defense services.

How to Obtain a Remote Appointment

Contact the closest office to you by phone or e-mail. If you do not know the closest office, contact our headquarters location.

We will ask for a phone number where you can be contacted. If you do not have access to a place where you can have a conversation privately, you will be instructed where to go on-base in order to do so.

You will need to complete a Request for Services prior to the initial consultation.

Walk-in Procedure

Appointments are optimal. However, defense clients (suspected or accused of misconduct or being subjected to administrative proceedings) may walk in for consultation with defense counsel during "walk-in hours" which vary by location. Walk-in hours for each DSO North office are posted below. During walk-in hours, service members have the opportunity to consult with defense counsel regarding pre- and post-nonjudicial punishment advice, summary court-martial advice, Article 138 and 1150 complaints, administrative separation processing, hardship discharges and suspect's rights. Although a defense counsel is available for consultation, the attorney and service member will not form an attorney-client relationship except in unusual circumstances.

If you are coming to see an attorney as a walk-in, be sure to bring any documents given to you related to the reason you are seeking advice. Simply come to our office and complete an intake form. Every effort will be made for you to speak with an attorney as quickly as possible.


DSO North HQ

Mailing Address:
1250 10th St., SE
Bldg #200, Suite 1200
Washington, DC 20374
Comm: (202) 685-5595
DSN: 325-5595
Fax: (202) 685-5542
Duty Officer: (202) 420-1267
Monday – Wednesday
0830 – 1130

Branch Offices & Detachments

Naples, Italy
Mailing Address:
PSC 817, Box 17
FPO AE 09622
Comm: 39-081-568-4559/4619
DSN: 314-626-3131/4559
Fax: 39-081-568-4497
Duty Phone: 39-335-577-0493
From US phones: 011-39-335-577-0493
Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday
0800 – 1630
Mailing Address:
PSC 851, Box 420
FPO AE 09834-0420
Comm: 00 973 1785-4172
DSN: (318) 439-4172
DSN Fax: (318) 439-4173
Sunday – Thursday
0900 – 1200 & 1300– 1600
Rota, Spain
Mailing Address:
PSC 819, Box 46
FPO AE 09645-0001
Comm: +34 956-82-2530
DSN: (314) 727-2530
Monday – Thursday
0900 – 1500
Great Lakes, IL
Mailing Address:
2540 Paul Jones Street
Bldg 2, Suite 100
Great Lakes, IL 60088-2936
Comm: (847) 688-4753 X 101
DSN: 792-4753 X 101
Fax: (847) 688-4754
Monday – Wednesday
0830 – 1130
United States Naval Academy
Mailing Address:
Luce Hall Room 307
Annapolis, MD 21402
Comm: (410) 293-2268
DSN: 281-2268
Monday – Wednesday
0830 – 1130
Groton, CT
Mailing Address:
Naval Submarine Base New London
Box 10, BLDG. 83, Room 219
Groton, CT 06349-5010
Comm: (860) 694-3211
DSN: 694-3211
Fax: 860-694-3108
Monday – Wednesday
0830 – 1130

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