Legal Services

Defense Service Offices provide legal advice and representation to service members at courts-martial and administrative proceedings, including enlisted administrative separation boards and officer boards of inquiry, in addition to providing advice to service members on defense-related topics such as nonjudicial punishment.

Region Legal Service Offices provide services in the functional areas of legal assistance (wills, powers of attorney, etc.), trial counsel, command services, court reporting, international law, ethics counseling and command administration.

Trial Judiciary

The Navy-Marine Corps Trial Judiciary is a joint Navy-Marine Corps activity led by a Chief Trial Judge who serves as Officer-in-Charge. Its mission is to provide certified military judges for Navy and Marine Corps general and special courts-martial and hearing officers for sanity hearings on confined prisoners. In addition, military judges sometimes serve as Article 32, Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) preliminary hearing officers.


Navy Lawyers are commissioned naval officers based throughout the world, ashore, and at sea who practice law, support the Navy and serve the Nation.

Navy Legalmen possess knowledge and expertise regarding military and civilian legal systems, and substantive and procedural law, which qualify them to perform the work of a legal nature under the supervision of an attorney.

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