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The following is a schedule of the Navy and Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals (NMCCA) hearings. This is a planning schedule and subject to change based on available cases and other factors. These hearings will be held in the NMCCA courtroom located on the Washington Navy Yard, Bldg. 58, unless otherwise noted.


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Parties Docket # Schedule and Case Summary Argument Audio Year
U.S. v. PETERSON 201900144 21 October Download 2020
U.S. v. HALFACRE 201900210 18 August Download 2020
U.S. v. HEDGECOCK 201800333 Postponing Order Postponed 2020
U.S. v. HEDGECOCK 201800333 Postponing Order Postponed 2020
U.S. v. HEDGECOCK 201800333 25 March Postponed 2020
U.S. v. SANDOVAL 201800355 19 February Download 2020
U.S. v. SIMPSON 201800268 06 February Download 2020

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