Military Justice

Our current military justice initiatives.

  • Ensuring timely and effective public access to court-martial records consistent with applicable law by streamlining the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) process for court-martial Records of Trial through transitioning records to the National Archives and Records Administration. (Strategic Objective: Capabilities Alignment)
  • Studying ways to improve the public's access to real-time information about military justice matters. Strategic Objective: Knowledge Management)
  • Promulgate the new military justice capabilities requirements and establish corresponding training standards. (Strategic Objective: Community Health)

Operational Law & Command Advice

Our current operational law and command advice initiatives.

  • Improving our operational fiscal law capabilities by identifying our fiscal law knowledge requirements and ensuring timely access to that knowledge. (Strategic Objective: Capabilities Alignment)
  • Assessing the Navy's cyber law requirements, developing a framework to meet the requirements, and establishing a process for identifying, training, and detailing personnel to fill the requirements. (Strategic Objective: Capabilities Alignment)

Legal Assistance

Our current legal assistance initiatives.

  • Finalizing and implementing a Disabilities Evaluation System resourcing plan in 2015 that captures the appropriate active/reserve/civilian manning balance and supporting relationships for logistical support to ensure the Navy and Marine Corps can continue to deliver critical services. (Strategic Objective: Capabilities Alignment)
  • Assessing the feasibility of centralized document production for the preparation of basic legal forms for clients (e.g., wills, powers of attorney). (Strategic Objective: Capabilities Alignment)
  • Modernizing the legal assistance practice by creating a website that helps clients obtain relevant information on common legal issues. (Strategic Objective: Capabilities Alignment)
  • Assessing the feasibility of adopting an online service for providing clients with basic legal documents. (Strategic Objective: Capabilities Alignment)

All Lines of Operation

Our current initiatives supporting all lines of operation.

  • Developing a knowledge management vision and operationalizing it through published policies. (Strategic Objective: Knowledge Management)
  • Initiating development of a JAG Community Intranet and Knowledge Portal as the primary platform for content sharing and technology-leveraged solutions. (Strategic Objective: Knowledge Management)
  • Creating a framework for innovative process improvement and automation to enhance our ability to capture and manage information and improve operational efficiency and performance. (Strategic Objective: Knowledge Management)
  • Publishing standard operating procedures for hiring personnel into NLSC and OJAG. (Strategic Objective: Community Health)
  • Consolidating recommendations of the Leader Development Continuum Working Group and assessing the feasibility of implementation. (Strategic Objective: Community Health)
  • Updating the LN 52-week training materials to include enhanced legal research and writing training and finalizing a new online Paralegal Litigation Support Course for deployment in summer 2015. (Strategic Objective: Community Health)


Maintaining a Strong and Resilient JAG Community

  • Recruiting and retaining the right people
  • Aligning billets with Fleet needs and assigning the right people to the right positions
  • Ensuring our personnel are properly educated and trained
  • Promoting processes that ensure the efficient delivery of sound, consistent legal advice