Operations, Management & Plans (Code 63)


The Operations, Management and Plans Division (Code 63) provides the Office of the Judge Advocate General and Naval Legal Service commands with policy guidance, statistical research & analysis, information products and coordination of training events to support their daily operations, long-term alignment of force structure, and the procurement, construction and maintenance of DSO and NLSO facilities.


Specific areas for which the Operations, Management and Plans Division (Code 63) provides advice, products and services are:

  • Managerial policy direction, guidance and support.
  • Statistical analysis, research and guidance to facilitate force structure alignment.
  • Policy and products to enhance courtroom security and physical security of NLSC commands.
  • Planning, procurement, construction and maintenance of NLSC facilities.
  • Planning and execution of training symposiums and leadership assemblies.
  • Information and metrics on NLSC operations and readiness.
  • Expertise, oversight and products to support continuity of operations and emergency management planning.

Visit the Instructions section for a catalog of JAG / CNLSC Instructions.

Contact Management & Plans

Mailing Address:
Management & Plans (Code 63)
1322 Patterson Ave., Suite 3000
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5066
Phone Numbers:
Comm: (202) 685-5230
DSN: 325-5230
Fax: (202) 685-5479
0730 – 1630
Monday – Friday