Mobile Training Team Information

General Information

Upon request, Naval Justice School (NJS) can conduct the Senior Leaders Legal Course (SLLC), Legal Officer Course (LOC), and Legal Clerk Courses (LCC) for Navy or Marine Corps commands by mobile training team (MTT). In FY16 and FY17, NJS completed FLTMPS certified courses in Yokosuka, Japan and Naples, Italy.

Courses Offered and Mobile Training Team Requirements

NJS currently offers all of the courses offered at its detachments (SLLC, LOC, and LCC) as MTT courses. LOC and LCC courses include the same instruction as course offerings at the NJS Detachments, and students will receive FLTMPS certification.

To request a MTT course, commands must be able to provide:

  1. Travel funding for two instructors. If requesting two courses to be run concurrently, three instructors are required. Travel must include at least one additional day prior to the convening date to set up course materials.
  2. A training classroom seating no less than 30 students.
  3. The following for each course:
    1. Instructor computer with a projector and either computers with printing and data upload capability or wireless connectivity with printing support for the LCC.
    2. Instructor computer with a projector for the LOC, SLLC, and SOC.
  4. A local area course coordinator/point of contact responsible for course registration and assistance with other logistical requirements. In many cases, the local Region Legal Service Office will be able to provide this assistance.

Course Requests

To request a MTT course:

  1. Please submit your request in writing (email with digital signature is acceptable). The request must include a point of contact to coordinate travel funding. The request must include courses requested and proposed date ranges for the courses. The greater the lead time, the more likely it is that NJS will be able to support.
  2. The request must include estimated number of students that the requesting command expects to send to the course.
  3. The request must include the name and contact information for the local area course coordinator/point of contact.

Questions Regarding Mobile Training Teams

For Navy MTT requests, the NJS point of contact is LT Jessica Woo. LT Woo may be contacted at (619)556-8380 ext 3 or

For Marine MTT requests, the NJS point of contact is Major Greg Funk. Major Funk can be reached at (401) 841-3800 ext 121 or

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NJS Detachment Norfolk, Virginia
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NJS Detachment San Diego, California
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Registrar: (619) 556-8380
NJS Branch Office Charlottesville, Virginia
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