Region Legal Service Office Mid-Atlantic (RLSO MIDLANT)

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RLSO Mid-Atlantic is a customer service organization that supports fleet operational readiness by providing high-quality legal services to commands and authorized personnel including Sailors and their families.

Area of Responsibility

RLSO Mid-Atlantic provides legal services in North Carolina, Virginia (except the Washington, D.C. area), West Virginia, Maryland (except the Washington, D.C. area), Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and the Northeastern Territories of Canada.

Appointment and Consultation Information

Legal assistance clients should make an appointment to meet with an attorney using the contact phone number listed for the closest legal assistance office. Appointments and walk-in hours vary by location and type of service. Please call for appointments and current schedule for walk-ins and notary and power of attorney services. Clients must provide proof of eligibility for services by showing a valid military identification card upon check-in. Clients must arrive 20 minutes prior to their appointment to check in or risk not being seen. To reschedule or cancel an appointment, please give at least 24 hours’ notice by phone.

Commands with more than 20 service-members needing wills may request that attorneys visit command spaces. To request a will visit on behalf of your command, please email

RLSO Mid-Atlantic provides legal consultation and command services support primarily for Navy commands without their own assigned judge advocate or general counsel. Command clients can contact the closest installation staff judge advocate (SJA) or a command services provider from the Command Services Department at the headquarters in Norfolk or Detachment Groton. Contact phone numbers are listed for each command services office.

Legal Services Provided

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before evaluating the topics below.

  • Legal Assistance
    • Consumer / Financial Affairs
      • Automobiles
        • Buying an Automobile
        • Drivers License Extensions
        • Leasing an Automobile
        • Renting an Automobile
        • Automobile Repairs
        • Automobile Repossession
        • Automobile Repossession – Redemption Rights
        • Automobile Service Contracts
      • Consumer Fraud
      • Contracts
      • Co-signing a Loan
      • Credit Protection
      • Consumer Credit
      • Contracts and Consumer Scams
      • Door-to-door Sales
      • Fair Credit Billing Act
      • Fair Credit Reporting Act
      • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
      • Federal Trade Commission
      • Identity Theft
      • Interest Rates
      • Military Sentinel
      • Money Matters
      • Online Internet Auctions
      • Telemarketing Fraud
    • Deployment Readiness
    • Family Law
      • Adoption
        • Adoption Overview
        • Adoption Reimbursement Options
          • Adoption Income Tax Credit
          • Department of Defense (DoD) Adoption Reimbursement Program
        • Foreign Adoption Issues
      • Community Property
      • Dependent Support
        • Child & Family Support
          • DoD Family Support Guidelines
            • U.S. Air Force Family Support Guidelines
            • U.S. Army Family Support Guidelines
            • U.S. Coast Guard Family Support Guidelines
            • U.S. Marine Corps Family Support Guidelines
            • U.S. Navy Family Support Guidelines
          • State Child Support Guidelines
        • Child Custody
          • Child Custody Overview
          • Child Custody Relocation Issues
          • International Child Custody Issues
        • Paternity
      • Divorce and Separation
        • Divorce & Separation Overview
        • Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act (USFSPA)
      • Family Care Plans
      • Garnishment
      • Guardianship
      • Involuntary Allotments
      • Locating Service Members
      • Modifications of Out-of-state Child Custody and Child Support Orders
      • Marriage
      • Name Change
      • Navy Dependent Support
      • Orders to Show Cause
    • Immigration (See Immigration & Naturalization FAQ and Navy Immigration Guide)
      • Family Member Citizenship & Travel
      • Foreign Adoptions
      • Immigration – Becoming a Legal Permanent Resident
      • Immigration – Citizenship
    • Military Benefits
      • Casualty Assistance
      • Dependency and Indemnity Compensation
      • Education
      • Family Advocacy Program
      • Identification Cards
      • Insurance
        • Long Term Care Insurance
        • Service Members Group Life Insurance (SGLI)
        • Veteran Group Life Insurance (VGLI)
      • Medical / Dental / Tricare
      • Military Pay
      • Social Security
      • Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP)
      • Thrift Savings Plan
      • Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights Act
      • Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act: Benefits
      • VA Survivor Benefits
      • VA Education Benefits
      • VA Mortgage Guarantees
    • Notary
    • Powers of Attorney (or see Power of Attorney Worksheet)
    • Real Property
      • Landlord-Tenant
      • Lease Agreements
      • Real Estate – Personal
      • Renting
        • Basics of Renting
        • Eviction Process
        • Habitability & Repairs
        • Military Clauses and Leases
        • Renting – Potential Problems and Pitfalls
        • Rent Increases
        • Security Deposits
        • Terminating a Lease
    • Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA)
    • Small Claims Court
    • Voting
      • Absentee Voting
    • Wills & Estate Planning
      • Health Care Issues
      • Long Term Care Insurance
      • Powers of Attorney – Estate Planning
      • Wills & Other Means of Passing Property
        • Life Insurance
        • Trusts
          • Trusts for benefit of children
          • Trusts for tax avoidance
        • Wills


  • Command Services and Trial Services
    • Administrative Law
      • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
      • Privacy Act
    • Admiralty and Maritime Law
    • Administrative Separation Processing (Officer and Enlisted)
      • Officer Misconduct and Separations
      • Detachment for Cause
      • Enlisted Separations
    • Freedom of Expression and Grievance Process
      • Freedom of Expression
      • Procedures
      • Request Mast / Redress of Wrongs / Complaints of Wrong (Art. 138 UCMJ/Art 1150)
      • Hotline Complaints & Whistleblower
      • Protection Act
      • Congressional Inquiries
      • EO/SH Complaints
    • Environmental Issues
    • Ethics
      • Guidelines for Ethical Conduct
      • Commercial Dealings Between Members
      • Conflicts of Interest
      • Fundraising
      • Birthday Ball Fundraising
      • Gambling
      • Gifts between Employees
      • Gifts from Outside Sources
      • Government Property
      • Outside Employment
      • Political Activities – Military Active Duty
      • Private Organizations and Spouse Clubs
      • Travel Benefits
      • Command Coins / Recognition & Retention Items
    • Family Relationship Matters and Command Responsibility Actions
      • Domestic Abuse Prevention
      • Domestic Violence / Family Advocacy Incidents
      • Paternity
    • Homeland Security
    • Investigations
      • JAG Manual Administrative Investigations (Preliminary Inquiry, Command Investigation, Litigation Report Investigation)
      • Training, Advice and Assistance to Investigating Officers
      • Review by Convening Authority (CA)
      • Line of Duty Investigations
      • Inspector General Investigations (legal review)
    • Military Justice Case Reviews and Post-trial Processing
      • Case Review and SJA Advice
      • Summary Courts-martial Assistance
      • Advice and Training to Potential SCM Officers
      • Timely Review and Advice Regarding the Convening Authority's Action
      • Preparation of Courts-martial Promulgating Orders
      • Forwarding of Records of Trial to Appellate Authority
      • Provide Victim / Witness Assistance as Required
    • Military Personnel Issues
      • Alcohol Abuse Prevention
      • Drug Prevention and Urinalysis Program
      • Grievance Procedures
      • Hate Crimes Issues
      • HIV Issues
      • Homosexual Conduct
      • Indebtedness Complaints
      • Mental Health Evaluations
      • Officer / Enlisted Performance
      • Pregnancy
      • Reservists – Special Considerations
      • Suicides, Attempts & Gestures / CACO
    • Nonjudicial Punishment
      • Preliminary Processing
      • Conducting the NJP Hearing
      • Preparing Letters of Censure
      • Forwarding Appeals
    • Operational Law
    • Prosecution of Courts-Martial
      • Advice Regarding the Preferral / Referral of Court-martial Charges
      • Assistance for Pre-Preferral Investigation
      • Coordination with NCIS
      • Drafting of Charges
      • Review of Preliminary Inquiries and Referral of Charges
      • Litigation of Courts-Martial
      • Preparation and Authentication of Records of Trial
      • Provide Victim / Witness Assistance as Required
    • Relations with Civilian Authorities
      • Jury Duty
      • Law Enforcement – Civilian Jurisdiction
      • Law Enforcement – Support of Civilian Police Agencies
      • Repossession of Personal Property
      • Service of Process / Subpoenas
      • Special Assistant United States Attorney
        • Federal Magistrate Court
        • Federal District Court
    • Requests for Government Information
      • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
      • Health Insurance and Portability Protection Act (HIPPA)
      • Litigation Support
      • Privacy Act/Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
    • Search & Seizure
    • Sexual Harassment, Fraternization & Hazing
      • Sexual Harassment Prevention
      • Sexual Harassment Incident
      • Fraternization Prevention
      • Fraternization Incident
      • Hazing Prevention / Incident


Legal Assistance Intake Questionnaire
Standardized Will Worksheet
Power of Attorney Worksheet
Notary Service Worksheet

Telephone Policy

No legal advice may be provided to a prospective legal assistance client over the telephone or through third parties calling on behalf of the prospective clients absent exigent circumstances or authorized exceptions, such as prospective clients at remote locations. Legal assistance clients who are unable to come to one of our offices should call for further guidance.

Legal Compass

The Legal Compass is published by the Region Legal Service Office (RLSO) Mid-Atlantic and covers legal issues of interest to its clients.

Legal Compass JUL 2014

Legal Compass FEB 2014

Legal Compass SEP 2013

Legal Compass JUL 2013

Legal Compass APR 2013

Legal Compass DEC 2012

Legal Compass AUG 2012

Legal Compass JUN 2012

Legal Compass MAR 2012


Mailing Address:
9620 Maryland Ave., Ste 201
Norfolk, VA 23511-2939
Phone Numbers:
Comm: 757-341-4470/4588
DSN: 341-4470/4588
Legal Assistance Department
Appointment Line: 757-341-4491/DSN 341-4491
Emergency Walk-ins: 757-341-4489/DSN: 341-4489
Legal Assistance and Trial Departments located in Bldg A-50 on Maryland Avenue onboard Naval Station Norfolk.  Command Services Department located in Bldg N-26 on Gilbert Street.
Command Sponsor Coordinator
In order to contact your Command Sponsor Coordinator, please email Our Command Sponsor Coordinator will then link you with the appropriate departmental sponsor.

Detachment & Branch Offices


Branch Office Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek - Fort Story (JEBLCFS)
Legal Assistance Office
Mailing Address:
1168 Gator Blvd.
Bldg. 3370
Virginia Beach, VA 23521
Phone Numbers:
Comm: (757) 462-4991
DSN: 253-4991

For hours, walk-ins, appointments, and directions

Command Services Office/JEBLCFS SJA
Mailing Address:
2600 Tarawa Court, Suite 100,
Virginia Beach, VA 23459
Phone Numbers:
Comm: (757) 462-7224
DSN: 253-7224
Hours: 0800-1630; Monday-Friday
Branch Office Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana
Legal Assistance Office
Mailing Address:
799 Hornet Dr.
Suite 100
Virginia Beach, VA 23460
Phone Numbers:
Comm: (757) 433-2215, ext. 223
DSN: 564-3597

For hours, walk-ins, appointments, and directions
Command Services Office/NAS Oceana SJA
Mailing Address:
Naval Air Station Oceana
1750 Tomcat Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA 23460-2191
Phone Numbers:
Comm: (757) 433-2946
DSN: 433-2946
Hours: 0800-1630; Monday-Friday
HQ Norfolk Legal Assistance Department
Mailing Address:
9620 Maryland Ave., Ste 201
Norfolk, VA 23511-2939
Appointment Line: (757) 341-4491/DSN 341-4491
Emergency Walk-ins:
757-341-4489/DSN: 341-4489

For hours, walk-ins, appointments, and directions

HQ Norfolk Command Services Department
Comm: (757) 444-1266
DSN: 341-1266
Hours: 0800-1630; Monday-Friday
HQ Norfolk Trial Department
Comm: (757) 341-4516
DSN: 341-4516
Hours: 0800-1630; Monday-Friday
Naval Station Norfolk SJA
Comm: (757) 444-7371
DSN: 564-7371
Hours: 0800-1630; Monday-Friday
Branch Office Naval Weapons Station (NWS) Earle
Legal Assistance Office
Mailing Address:
Naval Weapons Station
201 Highway 34 South
Coltsneck, NJ 07722-5016
Phone Numbers:
Comm: (732) 866-2066
DSN: 449-2066
0800–1530; Monday – Friday
Please call for appointments and walk-in hours.
Command Services Office/NWS Earle SJA
Mailing Address
Naval Weapons Station,
201 Highway 34 South
Coltsneck, NJ 07722-5016
Phone Numbers:
Comm: (732) 866-2117
DSN: 449-2117
Hours: 0800-1630; Monday-Friday
Detachment Groton, Naval Submarine Base
New London (SUBASE NLON)
Legal Assistance Office
Mailing Address:
Naval Submarine Base New London, Box 46
Groton, CT 06349-5046
Phone Numbers:
Comm: (860) 694-3741
DSN: 694-3741
0800-1630; Monday-Friday
Please call for appointments and walk-in hours.
Command Services Offices
Mailing Address:
Naval Submarine Base New London, Box 46
Groton, CT 06349-5046
Phone Numbers:
Command Services Department
Comm: (860) 694-3741
DSN: 694-3741
Comm: (860) 694-3484
DSN: 694-3484
Hours: 0800-1630; Monday-Friday
Branch Office Naval Station (NAVSTA) Newport
Legal Assistance Office
Mailing Address:
360 Elliot St.
Newport, RI 02841
Phone Numbers:
Comm: (401) 841-3766
DSN: 841-3766
Hours: 0800-1630; Monday-Friday
Please call for appointments and walk-in hours.
Command Services Office/NAVSTA Newport SJA
Mailing Address:
690 Peary Street
Newport, RI 02841
Phone Numbers:
Comm: (401) 841-2609
DSN: 841-2609
Hours: 0800-1630; Monday-Friday