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The U.S. Navy is unique among the services in its ability to project power in all domains:  on land, at sea, and in the air.  As a Navy JAG Corps civilian, you will interact with legal professionals practicing in diverse legal areas.   Some of the specific areas of our practice include:

International Law (e.g., Geneva Conventions, Hague Convention, Law of War, Law of the Sea)

Operational Law (e.g., rules of engagement)

Humanitarian Assistance and Refugee Law (e.g., asylum law)

Military Justice (e.g., prosecution, defense, judiciary and appellate)

Administrative Law (e.g., government ethics, regulations and legislation)

Admiralty and Maritime Law

Civil Litigation (in conjunction with the Department of Justice)

Environmental Law

Legal Assistance (personal legal services and advice to military members and their families)

Legislative Liaison (represent the Navy on Capitol Hill)

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