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Salary levels for civilian positions are established based upon the nature of the job and assigned duties. The position itself is classified as a "grade" (1 through 15) and individual salaries are set within the grade ranges defined on the federal government's general schedule pay scale. The current pay scale is located at:

Health and Life Insurance
Full medical and dental coverage for you and your family are available, as well as competitive life insurance policies. Please see or for a detailed look at available options.

Most federal employees are entitled to retirement benefits after completing certain terms of service. Please see for further information.

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)
TSP is a retirement benefit offered to Federal employees. It is similar to 401(k) plans available to many private-sector employees. The purpose of TSP is to give you the ability to participate in a long-term savings and investment plan. See or for more information.

Holidays, Leave, and Time-Off
Leave policy provides ample time off to take care of personal, recreational and health care needs. In addition to 10 paid holidays every year, employees accrue 13 days of sick leave and between 13 to 26 vacation days (annual leave). The amount of annual leave accrued is determined by length of service. Further information regarding leave policy and procedures is available at:

Life and Work Balance
The Navy believes life is about balance and fosters an environment where family, wellness, and fitness are priorities. Work/life programs vary at different commands, but the OJAG community strives to ensure its employees can achieve a favorable work/life balance wherever possible. OJAG implemented its own telework policy and program to foster those goals. Review OJAG's telework policy instruction at:

Transit Benefits
Subsidized transit benefits are available in some geographic areas. For information on how this might apply in your area, and to get additional details, see:

Opportunities for education and training are available in all civilian jobs with the JAG Corps. Employees and supervisors are encouraged to work together to develop short- and long-term training and education goals. Recently, OJAG authorized tuition reimbursement funds to civilian employees pursuing degrees outside of their normal working hours where the course material will support the employee's ability to contribute to the command mission. OJAG's command guidance is available at:

Additional Information
Please visit for further information about civilian employment in the Department of the Navy.

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