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  People are the Navy's most important asset. The Navy JAG Corps takes care of its lawyers and their families to ensure they are ready to meet its professional challenges.

The Navy JAG Corps offers active-duty judge advocates a competitive starting salary. The total compensation includes basic pay and certain non-taxable allowances, such as those for housing and subsistence. Housing allowances vary according to the cost of living in the area to which you are assigned. Pay increases come with promotion and longevity.

For more information regarding basic pay and allowances, click

Above and beyond your Navy pay and allowances you will benefit from the following:

Health and Life Insurance
Full medical and dental coverage for you and your family are available, as well as competitive life insurance policies, and once retired from the Navy, you will have health insurance for life.

Financial Assistance
To help repay debt or save for the future, career officers are eligible for a $60,000 incentive bonus paid over installments at various career milestones. Read more about this program here. Officers may also qualify for school debt repayment assistance with loan forgiveness and an income-based repayment plan. Read more about student loan relief programs here.

To ensure your future comfort, the Navy offers a generous retirement income after 20 years of service and a "401(k)-like" Thrift Savings Plan.

Time Off
30 paid vacation days and 10 federal holidays per year, plus sick leave, provide Navy judge advocate with generous time off to enjoy life and care for families.

Life and Work Balance
The Navy believes life is about balance and fosters an environment where family, wellness, and fitness are priorities.

The Navy offers the opportunity of a lifetime to travel and discover the world through temporary and permanent assignments in the continental U.S. and overseas.

Postgraduate Education
As a Navy JAG Corps officer you'll have access to generous educational benefits, including paid opportunities for postgraduate legal education at civilian institutions or military graduate schools, and tuition assistance programs.

Additional Privileges
As a naval officer you will benefit from a broad range of peripheral benefits, such as shopping at discounted military stores and dining in officer's clubs around the world.

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